Case Study

After what seems like a lot longer than five weeks I can confidently say that I have been overwhelmed by code and design and headers, footers and containers. Yet at the same time, I gained a lot of knowledge about building websites using code but also the beauty of “Copy & Paste” to avoid typos!

The Challenge:

Our challenge was to build a working website of about five pages. We had the choice of creating a portfolio or business website or an App. This challenge was contained to five weeks of learning the programs, learning proper and “best-practice” web construction and learning how to work with code in order to achieve the desired effects of your pages.

How I Felt:

Admittedly I was a bit intimidated by the process of building my own website. First the issue was that I didn’t think I had anything important or worth showcasing. I think of my work as somewhat “personal” and I don’t intend on making a career out of art but rather weaving into my field of elementary and special education. In the end, I chose to make a portfolio site because I do have a lot of art work that I could showcase, but never really thought to put any of it on display in a professional way.

Learning the Programs:

I am a PC user and my experience with Macs and Adobe products was limited upon entering this course. I can say that has changed significantly. Manipulating attributes and tools in Adobe Illustrator has become my new favorite past time. Adobe Dreamweaver was a different story. I still have mixed feelings about this program but it was definitely interesting to learn how to work with the code in order to move elements around and add effects to them.


My approach to this challenge was slow and steady. I think the best way I learn a new skill is to simply play with the program and take notes. Working off of and from the templates that we were given was also very helpful and I would have been lost without them. I have high respect for web designers who do this for a living. I think it’s a great skill to learn and be able to do but for me, personally, I think it was a lot to cover in five weeks. I’m satisfied with the result but there’s still more I want to play with!


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